The Top 10 Restaurants of 2006

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Day Trip In the Delaware Water Gap

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Go Entertainment! WaterWheel Café

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Six Chefs Licensed to Please

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"Don't miss the WaterWheel Cafe...”

New York Magazine, April 22, 2002 (view article)

...And speaking of restaurants, check out the WaterWheel Café. Tucked away on Water Street next to a small stream, this cute little joint is housed in an amazing old building that is built around... a gorgeous old waterwheel once used to grind wheat...

The menu here is most modern and travels the globe for inspiration; several Thai and Vietnamese dishes are currently on the menu, which evolves regularly...

The bread selection a restaurant offers is always a harbinger of things to come; here, wholesome country bread is served along with a wonderful black olive tapenade that is absolutely addictive. We start with a salad, Roasted Beets, Endive, Gorgonzola and Walnuts. The hefty concoction is jammed onto a small plate and almost overflows in its munificence. Sweet roast beets, bitter endive, salty blue cheese and crunchy walnuts create a terrific quartet that is nicely joined by a mellow lemon vinaigrette...

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